About Kuwait:

Kuwait depends on several other sectors that play a substantial role in elevating the economy of the country, including the banking and financial sector, which covers local banks, Islamic local banks, foreign banks subject to the control of the financial institution of Kuwait, the investment sector, Kuwait stock market , the economic sector, the services sector and a few other sectors that humbly participate within the GDP, like wholesale trade, retail trade and land , etc.Kuwait into British Empire. British reached an agreement with the al-Sabah family in 1897, which designated Kuwait and therefore the surrounding desert as a British protectorate. Two years later, the country’s leader, Sheikh Mubarak al-Sabah, signed another agreement that gave British full control over Kuwait’s policy . Kuwait continued to drift farther from Ottoman influence and closer to British within the late 19th and early 20th centuries. British and Ottomans agreed to designate Kuwait as an autonomous region within the Ottoman Empire in 1913, although British continued to administer Kuwait as a protectorate. The Kuwaiti government subsidizes many of the essential services for its citizens, including the value of water, food, fuel, and healthcare. Often, this has resulted in overuse and waste of products within Kuwait. When the subsidies are cut, however, as was the case for fuel subsidies in 2015, there has been widespread outrage among the general public and National Assembly.

JOB TITLE                                                                   VACANCIES

  1. Fabricators                                         10
  2. Fitter                                                    10
  3. CNC Operator                                    04
  4. Maintenance head                              05
  5. Lineman                                              03
  6. Electrician                                           05


  • Salary: High Salary+Extra allowance will be provided.
  • Any Degree can apply for the job must have work experience.
  • Free Transportation and Extra medical allowance will be given to workers.
  • Candidates with good work experience will be given priority.



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