Worst Smartphone Applications Ever Made by developers

1: Electric Razor

It's a virtual razor as it vibrates when you take the phone near your face but is one of useless and battery consuming app. You hit the "on" catch and it makes a clamor somewhat like a razor. On the off chance that you take a stab at trimming your facial hair with it, you're a bonehead.

2: Will You Marry Me ?

I've known about some entirely unromantic proposition: individuals getting on one knee in the advertisement break of X-Files to pop the inquiry with a soaked Funyon, for occurrence. However, Will You Marry Me? beats even that for sheer cheapness.
Flip open the virtual box and your proposed is given a gravely drawn ring, and the inquiry 'will you wed me', complete with "yes" and "no" catches. That is, if a pop-up promotion doesn't demolish the occasion (and it will). Also, obviously, on the off chance that you attempt and tap the "no" catch, it humorously bounced around the screen, making it difficult to choose.

3: Netflix 

Netflix considered as one of most battery consuming application. Netflix is the go-to application for fling staring at the TV appears and films and it's your telephone's showcase which devours the greater part of your phone power.
Consider viewing with the presentation shine turned down when you can. In your dull room during the evening, there truly is no motivation to have your presentation shine at the most extreme.

4: Ghost Radar 

In this application that has been created by Spud Pickles programming and is accessible to be downloaded on the lion's share of new phone stages. The stages that are bolstered are the Apple items, Google Android, and Blackberry phones.
They permit the likelihood for the clients to not just utilize their gadget as a typical telephone with voice calls and content informing, however open the likelihood to music, movies and recreations.

5: I am Important 

This is an iOS application, which was released in 2011, tried to make clients feel essential by making fake contacts and journal occasions. The application additionally got some information about your day, probably in light of the fact that nobody else would, in light of the fact that you were the sort of individual who might genuinely download this application.

6 : I am Rich

Sometime in the distant past on the off chance that you had an extra Rs 60000 you could purchase an application called 'I Am Rich' from the App Store. Its lone usefulness was to show a red diamond onscreen (not even as a backdrop), ensuring everybody around you knew you were stacked (and odd). Eight individuals really purchased it before Apple pulled the application. (Truly.) Now accessible on Google Play from the brilliantly named designer iBanned, I Am Rich doesn't oblige you to be rich by any stretch of the imagination - it's free. What's more, still absolutely pointless


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