JOB Openings in Middle East For Electrician\Staff\Welders\Civil and more Apply Now

About Middle East:
The Middle East is the basic term for an area comprising of nations in southwest Asia and, more often than not, at any rate some portion of North Africa. It is a fascinating term – center of what? east of what? While the term is presently across the board both inside and outside the district, it is in truth moderately new. It was begat just toward the finish of the nineteenth century by the British outside administration, and utilized as a part of a 1902 article by a United States maritime officer.
It was initially used to recognize the territory east of the Near East – the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire – and west of India. It included Afghanistan and Persia. Obviously, the Far East signified the nations of East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea.

JOB TITLE                                                   COUNTRY
Store Manager                                                   Dubai
Operator                                                           Abu Dhabi
Assistant Manger                                               UAE
Medical caretaker -                                           UAE
Server/Waitress                                                 Dubai
Head Nurse                                                       Saudi Arabia
Painter                                                             Dubai
Welders                                                             UAE\Dubai
Supply Manager                                                Egypt
Group Leader - Cable                                       Oman
IT System Integrator                                         Oman
Electrician                                                         Oman

Any one can apply for these occupations skilled\High school\diploma\degree.
There will be a proper selection criteria for a particular job.
Great salary+accomodation+Insurance given
Fit for working uninhibitedly on static gear and with full responsibility.
Experience and Quality work will be allowed
Salary will be given as per their capabilities.
There will rewarded 1200 USD to  2200 USD



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