About Poland:
The nation lies totally on the North European Plain and is a place where there is delicate help, once in a while transcending 350 feet aside from along the southern outskirt with the Sudety and Carpathian mountain ranges.Poland is the most elevated mountain top, 8200 feet above ocean level. The longest streams which cross the nation north-ward are the Vistula (667 miles long) in the inside, and the   which streams along Poland's western border.Situated in Eastern Europe, Poland has a zone of expanding 689 km (428 mi) e– w and 649 km (403 mi) n– s. It is limited on the N by the Baltic Sea, on the n and e by Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine, on the s by Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and on the w by Germany, with an aggregate land limit of 2,788 km  and a coastline of 491 km (305 mi). Relatively, the zone involved by Poland is somewhat littler than the territory of New Mexico.

Poland, nation of focal Europe. Poland is situated at a geographic junction that connections the forested terrains of northwestern Europe to the ocean paths of the Atlantic Ocean and the ripe fields of the Eurasian outskirts. Presently limited by seven countries, Poland has waxed and faded throughout the hundreds of years, pounded by the powers of territorial history

    JOB TITLE                                    QUANTITY
  1. Helpers                          15
  2. Ac Technicians              20
  3. Plumber                         10
  4. House Maids                 20
  5. Technicians                    10
  6. Riggers                           10
  7. Cleaners                         20
  8. Forklift Operator           10
  9. Foreman                        05
  10. Office Boy                     20
  11. Electrician                     10
All the candidates are required to send the documents.
Free ticket and free food for all the job seekers.

Job Description:
All nationality can apply with valid passports.
8 hours working+extra benefits for all the candidates.
Client Interview soon to be happen send your documents soon.



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